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Pills For a Bigger Penis: Do They Exist?

Get 5 inches of size in just 12 weeks by using this one simple pill!

Experience 2 inches of growth right now!

Take this pill and you’ll get the biggest penis you’ve ever had. That’s right. Just one pill!

There are a number of pills that are on the market today that have a lot of promises like these. Some of them have a good reputation, others might even have some research behind them, but they are all making empty promises. They’re actually banking on two things: your absolute need to have a larger penis and your desperation to find success.

Here’s a harsh reality.

Pills for a bigger penis do not exist.

small-penis-sizeThat doesn’t mean every supplement is bad to take or a poor investment, however, because male enhancement products can create a harder erection, a better performance, and an overall better sexual experience.

Want to know how to tell the good from the bad?

Here are some ways to tell if a male enhancement product is truly legitimate.

Is there any customer service available? Legitimate companies offer real customer service. You can either call a toll-free number, contact them online through a chat box, or send them an email that gets answered within 24 hours. The other places are just some guy who owns a computer and a garage full of supplements that he’s trying to unload on you.

Is the ingredient list published? Many supplements have a proprietary formula that they don’t want others to know and that’s fine. What isn’t fine is keeping the ingredient list so secret that you can’t discover what you’re taking before you get the product in your hands. Any legitimate supplement is going to offer you a look at all of the ingredients so that you can see for yourself how effective the supplement may be.

There will be some form of clinical research. You won’t find a lot of research for most supplements, but you should find some legitimate clinical research. Look for double or triple blind studies that use placebos and the actual products in some combination to study the actual effects of the supplement. If there aren’t any studies, then there probably shouldn’t be any sales.

There needs to be some form of a guarantee. How good is a product if the “company” selling it isn’t even going to stand behind it? Any good pills are going to have a guarantee that accompanies the purchase. It might be in the form of:

  • a complete 100% refund, which may or may not include shipping fees,
  • an exchange of different supplements so you can try a different formulation,
  • or something else that holds some form of value.

Whatever it might be, make sure the guarantee works for you and doesn’t require lots of hoops in which you must jump through to get the deserved refund.

You should be getting at least a 30 day supply. One of the biggest pill scams there is today is to give you a one week supply of a supplement as a trial. Just 7 days of taking a product isn’t going to give you much in results. It generally takes 3-4 weeks for a supplement to really begin taking a full effect. If you want to give something a true trial run, you need at least 30 days to give it a fair evaluation.

fda-warningAre there warnings listed for the supplement? The FDA and other world governments keep warning lists of certain pills that promise a bigger penis because they contain dangerous ingredients. Most of them are similar to name-brand pills that guys take for increased sexual responses or hardness, but aren’t listed on the ingredient list of the supplement. Before purchasing any product, look to make sure it isn’t listed as dangerous so that you can achieve the male enhancement results you may want or need.