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X4 Labs: Your One Stop Shop For Sexual Health

Guys are told to focus on a lot of specific areas in order to achieve a maximum level of health. They’re told to exercise a certain amount, eat specific foods, and take certain supplements. What is missing from all of this advice? How to have the optimum level of sexual health.

You need to have an active sexual life to be healthy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a man needs to have sex every day or else he’s going to die – though some guys feel that way!

It means that there needs to be just as much of a focus on a guy’s sexual health as there is for his heart health or his BMI score. That’s why I highly recommend X4 Labs. They really are a one stop shop for improving sexual health.

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Isn’t X4 Labs All About Penis Extenders and Pumps?

X4 Labs is definitely a leader in proven penis enlargement. They have an amazing array of tools that are highly affordable to help guys achieve noticeably longer lengths in their penis. I highly recommend them if you have this particular need because their products are proven to be effective.

doctorX4 Labs has a lot more to offer than just penis extension equipment. They really do have everything that is needed for optimal sexual health. Here is just a sampling of what you can find on their website.

  • Water Based Lubricants. Penis pumps that are hydro-based work a lot better when a lubricant is applied. This allows for the pump to have a better seal than if it is used in a dry method or with water alone. These lubricants are also a lot safer to use for you and your partner when you’re getting it on. They won’t leave those oily stains that are impossible to get out of the sheets!
  • Body Shaving Cream. Part of feeling good means that you need to look good. So many guys out there are trying to shave their bodies using the generic shaving creams that can be found at any major retailer. It isn’t good enough! The body has unique needs that need to be addresses, especially for sensitive shaving areas. The X4 Labs body shaving cream provides those needs in a cost effective way.
  • Sex Training Units. Because guys are so visually and mentally orientated to sex, the arousal period can create high levels of stimulation that lead to experiences that are less than pleasing. Practice doesn’t make for perfect results. Perfect practice provides perfect results! The sex training units that X4 Labs offers are the best way to increase a guy’s stamina because the CyberSkin used in its design feels like real skin. If you can last 5 minutes with this unit, then you can last at least 15 minutes when it is time to really go down.

What X4 Labs has done is create an entire line of products that can give you your confidence back. Whether you need to feel like women are attracted to you or you just want to give yourself an extra edge, every guy can find something that they need to help their sexual health find more success.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

What makes X4 Labs stand out from the rest of the competition is that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you find that the sex training units don’t really help your performance, then just have a conversation with their customer service department and you can get your money back. If you don’t see successes with penis growth through the use of an extender, than take advantage of their guarantee.

satisfaction-guaranteedWith X4 Labs, it has never been easier for guy’s to put a greater focus on their sexual health. It goes beyond stamina and looks with their entire line of products. Get the exercises you need to last longer and have explosive orgasms and combine them with supplements which can counter potential dietary deficiencies. Find your creams, get your lubricants, and even an erection ring if needed so that any erectile dysfunction issue can be solved.

X4 Labs has created an amazing line of products. As you take care of your body, guys, and fuel your mind with healthy foods, don’t forget to fuel your sexual drive to keep it healthy as well. You won’t be the only one who is satisfied by the results that can be achieved!

Are You Looking For a Proven Way To Get a Bigger Dick?

Let’s have a very honest conversation right now, just you and me. Get something to drink if you need it or maybe a quick snack. Have a quiet room for a few minutes so you can focus. Why? Because I’m going to share with you a proven way for you to get a bigger dick in just 15 minutes.

That’s right, my friend. Your dick can be noticeably bigger and feel physically heavier in minutes.

How can this be done?

It isn’t just another scam. I’m not promising you 5 inches of growth or an amazing sexual performance that can let you have sex for hours on end. I’m just going to tell you my proven method of having a bigger dick for when you need it the most.

bigger-dick-pumpWhat Do You Know About Penis Pumps?

The first step to my 15 minute secret is to use a high quality penis pump. The modern pump talks about is a pretty amazing piece of technology! They come in a variety of designs and styles and the suction that they can produce on your penile tissues helps them to expand and grow. The water-based pumps are the best because you can use them in the shower or the bath every morning, but any pump is good when you’ve got a perfect moment to create in the bedroom.

Pumps take about 15 minutes to work and it’s really the only equipment that you need. The tissues of your dick are a bit like a sponge. When you stretch a sponge out and then add water to it, the sponge stays in the stretched out position until you squeeze the water out. The same is true with your dick because the blood flow helps to stretch out those spongey tissues.

Then, when you have an orgasm, your dick begins to come back to it’s normal size.

Now if you don’t have an orgasm, the tissues of your penis will begin to contract once again as well. It’s true that a pump isn’t going to give you an all day length increase, but over time you can train you penis to have permanent elongation if you’re willing to use pumps once of twice per day.

sexual-satisfactionThere’s a Second Step To This Process

Your 15 minutes to success doesn’t just end with the use of a penis pump. Having a bigger dick is a good thing, but your body doesn’t necessarily know what to do with a larger dick at first. Your erections can sometimes feel funny because there just isn’t enough blood filling the chambers of your penis. Instead of having a strong, rock hard erection, you’re left with nothing but a chubby.

Who wants to have sex with a chubby?

That’s why any regular use of a penis pump should be followed up with the use of penis pills that are designed to improve blood flow. With better blood flow, your bigger penis will become a thicker erection that will give you an intense sexual power. You’ll be able to penetrate deeply, slide gently, and have incredible orgasms because of the restrictions that are in place thanks to the expanded tissues.

There are a number of pills that can work well, but you do need to be careful with them. Check for warnings before taking the pills that you prefer to make sure there aren’t any dangerous, unannounced ingredients in them.

By following this plan, you can have a bigger dick in just 15 minutes. When you follow this plan every day, you can end up with a permanently larger penis. How much size you gain depends on your body’s chemistry. What I do know is this – you’ll be a happier man and your partner will be happier thanks to the extra penetration!

What Are the Best Sex Positions For a Small Penis?

small-penis-sex-ositionsGuys with a small penis have it a bit rough in the bedroom, but not in a good way. For their partners to have the stimulation that is needed to bring about an orgasm, the small penis must penetrate as deeply as possible in order to accomplish this.

In return, this creates the circumstances that all men fear: premature ejaculation. The deep penetration overstimulates the penile tissues and despite the guy’s best intentions, sex is over way too soon.

The best way to overcome this issue is to change the sex positions that are being used. It all begins with the amount of foreplay that you’re willing to put into the process of sex. You can use all of your regular moves, of course, but don’t be afraid to put in something new. Lavish your partner with attention and they’ll be coming with you, whether you’re coming early or not.

You’ve got to stimulate your partner. The key to a successful sexual encounter is the amount of stimulation that you’re able to provide. If you can achieve a climax during foreplay, then you’ll be able to replicate a second climax a lot easier, no matter what the size of your penis might be. There’s a good chance that your partner won’t be concerned about your size at that point anyway, so neither should you.

Doggy-styleDoggie style has got to be done right. Penetration from behind can work some sexual wonders, but it must be performed correctly. Otherwise guys will feel like they are penetrating even deeper than normal and this will make a potentially great experience turn into a potential nightmare!

  • Focus on the angle of entry. Have your partner angled upward toward you so that you can be able to stimulate them with every movement.
  • Lean forward. If you maintain plenty of physical contact, then you’ll be able to maintain a higher level of intimacy and this creates a faster climax for your partner.
  • Go slow. The natural inclination of most guys in this position is to move hard and fast. Try going slowly and gently instead and you might see some amazing results!

Get frisky like the antelope. If you don’t want the traditional doggie style, but still want to feel massive like you do from behind, then the antelope is the perfect position. With both you and your partner kneeling on the floor, you’ll want to lean over a comfortable piece of furniture. You’ll still be able to come through the back door, but your partner’s hands will be free for some added fun too. For guys with a smaller penis, this is one of the most powerful positions that there is.

The-reverseThe reverse missionary will bring your spirituality back. Have your partner face down on the bed. Some support pillows under the hips are a good idea for some added comfort. Then straddle your partner and find a gentle angle where you can simply slide on in.

This position is a bit tricky because you’ve got to keep your weight off of your partner, but it does put you in control and lets you maximize the use of your size. Once you’re there, pull your partner’s thighs together to close the door.

Put the “X” into sex. Sometimes it isn’t feeling bigger that is necessary. Some positions make it difficult for your partner to have a full, deep penetration anyway. That’s why the X position is such a good one for guys with smaller size. Straddle each other on the floor or the bed so that just your legs are touching each other as you’re joined at the hip. Then just let nature work its magic from there!

Get some ears on that rabbit. If your partner is a bit flexible, then get your partner’s knees up by their ears. You’ll be able to get rather good action from this position, but you’ll also need to support your partner because there’s a lot of fatigue that can happen in the legs. As an added bonus, you can use your hands or your partner can self-stimulate for added pleasure.