What Is the Secret to the Greatest Sex of All?

Some people find a relationship and spend 70 years with the same person with relative happiness. Others can hardly maintain a relationship and that’s if they’re lucky enough to find someone. To achieve the greatest sex of all, there must be one thing in place every single time. It isn’t a good pick-up line or a set of rock hard abs, although that can sometimes help to start the process.

No – the key component to always having great sex is to have love present. Without love, you gain nothing.

in-loveWhy Is Love the Key to Sexual Satisfaction?

Why do guys spend months wearing a penis extender so they can look noticeably bigger? Or why do guys practice to limit their sensitivity so they can last longer in bed? If you look at just the surface, it might seem like it is because they’re wanting to have more pleasure from sex. That’s definitely a component of it, but guys also know that great sex means both people involved are having a wonderful time.

When love is involved, there is no dishonor involved. There is no self-seeking that demands sex be a one-sided experience. Love is something that allows a couple to rejoice together in the physical bliss that happens when two people come together. It takes sex to new levels because there is a level of trust that is involved in an established relationship that isn’t in place in freshly minted couples.

Having those first moments of physical bliss with a new partner can seem amazing, but that has nothing on the bliss that comes from a long-term relationship. Sex means being able to lose yourself within that person and never wanting to come back up from air. It means that you’re automatically quick to forgive because love is not easily angered. Most importantly, it means that you can just be yourself because when love is present, there is no need to boast.

How Does Love Develop Into a Good Relationship?

Love can strike at any time, but certain things must happen for it to arrive in the first place. When we are children, we think like children. We talk like children. When it is time for a boy to turn into a man, it is necessary for him to put the ways of being a child behind him. They’re still a part of him, much like a reflection in the mirror is a part of him. It can be seen and it can be used to evaluate or even judge his character, but it doesn’t define him as a man.

Until a man is willing to be a man instead of just a boy, then love can never develop. Boys are selfish. Men are selfless. Boys seek after lust. Men seek after the stability of love. There can be momentary joys found in lust and some couples who come together in lust wind up living in happy bliss, but that’s the exception instead of the rule.

really-in-loveWhy is this? Because love always protects. It is willing to go the extra mile because it is fueled with hope.

Love always perseveres because there is no other alternative. It is only through the eyes of love that a couple has for one another that someone can ever be fully known. What’s even more shocking is this: sometimes sex doesn’t even need to be in the equation of love.

Happiness and Love Is a Choice That You Choose

People don’t make you unhappy. You choose to be unhappy. You choose to let others control your emotions in negative ways. It is up to you to choose love every day. You can choose happiness at every moment, even when others may try to actively hurt you for some reason.

That’s because love makes us become something bigger and better than our core self. It allows us to forgive quickly because that’s what would be wanted in return. It means giving without an expectation of getting, but that’s why love works. Happy couples give to each other so that the other person can have more and be more than they could achieve on their own.

A secure relationship that is built on love is what provides the foundation for the greatest sex of all. When you can be face to face someone in silence, yet know what they are thinking when they look at you, then the depths of an encounter when two become one is better than anything else this world has to offer. That’s why it is better to have loved and lost than to never love at all – just one encounter can change anyone forever.

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