Can Love and Sexual Satisfaction Co-Exist?

Shirley has been with her husband for 12 years. There have been some good times, a few great times, and a moment when their relationship hit rock bottom when she caught him cheating.

sex-problemThat cheating incident happened three years ago, but her sexual satisfaction has never really returned. She loves her husband and has forgiven him, but a question lingers in her mind: what if?

What if she were to seek sexual satisfaction outside of the marriage like her husband?

Religious values dominate many countries on the planet and dictate that people be in certain relationships. Threats of “eternal damnation” or “burning in Hell” are associated with sexual desires that fall outside of the accepted societal norm. Shirley can’t help but wonder if it is possible to love her husband and another man just as he loves her and another woman.

Is it possible for 2 guys and one girl, or 2 girls and 1 guy, or a set couples coming together as 4 to have a fulfilling, meaningful relationship that is based on love?

Does Love Have a Specific, Defined Structure?

It’s a thinking error to believe that one person cannot deeply love more than one person at the same time. We might force ourselves into socially acceptable circles of conduct, but that’s not enough for some people to be able to truly lose themselves in another. Some people cheat or stray because they are being mistreated. Others, however, look for relationships outside of traditional structures because that’s the only way the can merge love and satisfaction.

2girls-1manThis is where the Law of the Vital Few comes into play. This law, which is sometimes called the Pareto principle, basically says that 80% of anything can come from 20% of a source. In other words, when it comes to relationships, a loving spouse or significant other can provide you with 80% of your needs at best. A loving spouse will give of themselves freely, but their very best efforts cannot provide everything.

Some people are satisfied with 80%. There’s nothing wrong with the people who are. Others, however, want to experience 100% satisfaction. That’s why non-traditional relationships, as defined by modern society, are sought after.

How Can Multiple People Lose Themselves In Each Other?

Although monogamy is the emphasis of many societies today, it hasn’t always been this way. In the Bible, someone couldn’t become an elder in a church if they had “multiple wives.” Think about what that says for a minute. It was perfectly acceptable in 1st century Christianity to have sex with more than one person and still call it a marriage. When Islam came along a few centuries later, a similar message was given.

It is only in our modern society where we stress coupling. Love must certainly play a role in any relationship, no matter what the structure might be, but in looking at all historical books, one truth comes out: people want to be with other people. They want to create their own social groups. That means it is perfectly feasible for a couple of 3 or a two couples to make 4 to exist together in meaningful, loving harmony and still have sexual satisfaction.

What about jealousy? Jealousy is only present when love is absent. Love doesn’t get jealous because love wants the best for the other person. That’s the whole concept of loving someone as much as loving oneself. Love doesn’t envy and it doesn’t lie. It simply exists, supports, and rejoices in the truth.

For Shirley, her thoughts of being with another man came about because of jealousy and a slight tinge of revenge. She wanted her husband to feel betrayed like she had felt. There is betrayal in cheating because outside of a relationship, no matter what the structure is, because love is honest. Love comes forward and says that a need isn’t being met and suggests changes that benefit the entire relationship, not just a selfish component of it.

2man-1girlWhat Does This Mean For the Modern Relationship?

If you’re thinking about changing how you see a relationship, whether that’s with two men or two women in your life – or some other combination – it is important to distinguish whether you’re feeling lust or love. Lust is destructive and causes you to chase after things for your personal benefit only. Love, on the other hand, benefits everyone involved. If greater sexual satisfaction can be achieved and everyone can have 100% of their needs met, then a different relationship structure makes a lot of sense.

If you’re satisfied in the modern tradition of a 1:1 pairing, then there is nothing wrong with this either. People shouldn’t be judged on how they love. Different people have different needs based on their own unique life experiences. The definition of “normal” is only how we each define it for ourselves.

Without love, however, no relationship can exist. It will fail because there is no emphasis on the relationship. There is only an emphasis on personal needs being fulfilled. That’s why with love, any relationship structure can have sexual satisfaction.

Using Best Penis Pills to Get Rock Hard Erections

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What Kind of Penis Pills Should You Take?

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  • If you’ve been struggling with the hardness of your erection, then take pills that focus on blood circulation.
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Although you won’t know what you’re missing if you never try them, you also just might be settling for good sex. Average sex. The kind of sex that makes your partner look at you, yawn loudly, and then roll over to find something interesting on TV. You can do better than that.

Do Penis Pills Make Your Dick Bigger?

Some guys take pills because they want their dick to become noticeably bigger. Guys will swear that penis pills work because they see a bigger dick after they take the pills! What is happening is this: guys are getting the best erection they’ve ever had. They’re discovering what their body can really do.

Their penis has finally reached it’s full potential.

warningBe aware even the best penis pills will not increase the physical length of a dick. It will create a massive erection, however, that will make a dick look noticeably bigger when it is fully erect. That’s because the chambers of the penis are full for perhaps the first time. The dick is literally straining to feel friction, to experience penetration, and that is what is causing the simulated experience of being bigger.

If you’re taking penis pills to get physically bigger, then you’re doing it wrong.

Penis pumps are what will help you get physically bigger. Pills will help you have that rock hard orgasm that makes it hard to walk because you’re so aroused! When you combine these two, then something special is going to happen for you!

best-dick-pillHow Many Pills Should You Take?

You should always follow the recommended doses that are on your preferred product. You should always speak with your doctor about the pills that you are taking as well, particularly if you have a heart condition that you’re receiving treatment for through medication. Although many of the best dick pills are 100% all natural, many of the herbs that are used can have a blocking or stimulating effect on the statins that some guys take.

Having a rock hard erection is great. Having a heart attack because of penis pills? Not so great.

Be responsible with what you take and you will receive rock hard results every time when you need it the most. In return, you and your partner will have the best sex of you life!

What Is the Secret to the Greatest Sex of All?

Some people find a relationship and spend 70 years with the same person with relative happiness. Others can hardly maintain a relationship and that’s if they’re lucky enough to find someone. To achieve the greatest sex of all, there must be one thing in place every single time. It isn’t a good pick-up line or a set of rock hard abs, although that can sometimes help to start the process.

No – the key component to always having great sex is to have love present. Without love, you gain nothing.

in-loveWhy Is Love the Key to Sexual Satisfaction?

Why do guys spend months wearing a penis extender so they can look noticeably bigger? Or why do guys practice to limit their sensitivity so they can last longer in bed? If you look at just the surface, it might seem like it is because they’re wanting to have more pleasure from sex. That’s definitely a component of it, but guys also know that great sex means both people involved are having a wonderful time.

When love is involved, there is no dishonor involved. There is no self-seeking that demands sex be a one-sided experience. Love is something that allows a couple to rejoice together in the physical bliss that happens when two people come together. It takes sex to new levels because there is a level of trust that is involved in an established relationship that isn’t in place in freshly minted couples.

Having those first moments of physical bliss with a new partner can seem amazing, but that has nothing on the bliss that comes from a long-term relationship. Sex means being able to lose yourself within that person and never wanting to come back up from air. It means that you’re automatically quick to forgive because love is not easily angered. Most importantly, it means that you can just be yourself because when love is present, there is no need to boast.

How Does Love Develop Into a Good Relationship?

Love can strike at any time, but certain things must happen for it to arrive in the first place. When we are children, we think like children. We talk like children. When it is time for a boy to turn into a man, it is necessary for him to put the ways of being a child behind him. They’re still a part of him, much like a reflection in the mirror is a part of him. It can be seen and it can be used to evaluate or even judge his character, but it doesn’t define him as a man.

Until a man is willing to be a man instead of just a boy, then love can never develop. Boys are selfish. Men are selfless. Boys seek after lust. Men seek after the stability of love. There can be momentary joys found in lust and some couples who come together in lust wind up living in happy bliss, but that’s the exception instead of the rule.

really-in-loveWhy is this? Because love always protects. It is willing to go the extra mile because it is fueled with hope.

Love always perseveres because there is no other alternative. It is only through the eyes of love that a couple has for one another that someone can ever be fully known. What’s even more shocking is this: sometimes sex doesn’t even need to be in the equation of love.

Happiness and Love Is a Choice That You Choose

People don’t make you unhappy. You choose to be unhappy. You choose to let others control your emotions in negative ways. It is up to you to choose love every day. You can choose happiness at every moment, even when others may try to actively hurt you for some reason.

That’s because love makes us become something bigger and better than our core self. It allows us to forgive quickly because that’s what would be wanted in return. It means giving without an expectation of getting, but that’s why love works. Happy couples give to each other so that the other person can have more and be more than they could achieve on their own.

A secure relationship that is built on love is what provides the foundation for the greatest sex of all. When you can be face to face someone in silence, yet know what they are thinking when they look at you, then the depths of an encounter when two become one is better than anything else this world has to offer. That’s why it is better to have loved and lost than to never love at all – just one encounter can change anyone forever.

X4 Labs: Your One Stop Shop For Sexual Health

Guys are told to focus on a lot of specific areas in order to achieve a maximum level of health. They’re told to exercise a certain amount, eat specific foods, and take certain supplements. What is missing from all of this advice? How to have the optimum level of sexual health.

You need to have an active sexual life to be healthy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a man needs to have sex every day or else he’s going to die – though some guys feel that way!

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X4 Labs has created an amazing line of products. As you take care of your body, guys, and fuel your mind with healthy foods, don’t forget to fuel your sexual drive to keep it healthy as well. You won’t be the only one who is satisfied by the results that can be achieved!

Pills For a Bigger Penis: Do They Exist?

Get 5 inches of size in just 12 weeks by using this one simple pill!

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Take this pill and you’ll get the biggest penis you’ve ever had. That’s right. Just one pill!

There are a number of pills that are on the market today that have a lot of promises like these. Some of them have a good reputation, others might even have some research behind them, but they are all making empty promises. They’re actually banking on two things: your absolute need to have a larger penis and your desperation to find success.

Here’s a harsh reality.

Pills for a bigger penis do not exist.

small-penis-sizeThat doesn’t mean every supplement is bad to take or a poor investment, however, because male enhancement products can create a harder erection, a better performance, and an overall better sexual experience.

Want to know how to tell the good from the bad?

Here are some ways to tell if a male enhancement product is truly legitimate.

Is there any customer service available? Legitimate companies offer real customer service. You can either call a toll-free number, contact them online through a chat box, or send them an email that gets answered within 24 hours. The other places are just some guy who owns a computer and a garage full of supplements that he’s trying to unload on you.

Is the ingredient list published? Many supplements have a proprietary formula that they don’t want others to know and that’s fine. What isn’t fine is keeping the ingredient list so secret that you can’t discover what you’re taking before you get the product in your hands. Any legitimate supplement is going to offer you a look at all of the ingredients so that you can see for yourself how effective the supplement may be.

There will be some form of clinical research. You won’t find a lot of research for most supplements, but you should find some legitimate clinical research. Look for double or triple blind studies that use placebos and the actual products in some combination to study the actual effects of the supplement. If there aren’t any studies, then there probably shouldn’t be any sales.

There needs to be some form of a guarantee. How good is a product if the “company” selling it isn’t even going to stand behind it? Any good pills are going to have a guarantee that accompanies the purchase. It might be in the form of:

  • a complete 100% refund, which may or may not include shipping fees,
  • an exchange of different supplements so you can try a different formulation,
  • or something else that holds some form of value.

Whatever it might be, make sure the guarantee works for you and doesn’t require lots of hoops in which you must jump through to get the deserved refund.

You should be getting at least a 30 day supply. One of the biggest pill scams there is today is to give you a one week supply of a supplement as a trial. Just 7 days of taking a product isn’t going to give you much in results. It generally takes 3-4 weeks for a supplement to really begin taking a full effect. If you want to give something a true trial run, you need at least 30 days to give it a fair evaluation.

fda-warningAre there warnings listed for the supplement? The FDA and other world governments keep warning lists of certain pills that promise a bigger penis because they contain dangerous ingredients. Most of them are similar to name-brand pills that guys take for increased sexual responses or hardness, but aren’t listed on the ingredient list of the supplement. Before purchasing any product, look to make sure it isn’t listed as dangerous so that you can achieve the male enhancement results you may want or need.

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Let’s have a very honest conversation right now, just you and me. Get something to drink if you need it or maybe a quick snack. Have a quiet room for a few minutes so you can focus. Why? Because I’m going to share with you a proven way for you to get a bigger dick in just 15 minutes.

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bigger-dick-pumpWhat Do You Know About Penis Pumps?

The first step to my 15 minute secret is to use a high quality penis pump. The modern pump talks about is a pretty amazing piece of technology! They come in a variety of designs and styles and the suction that they can produce on your penile tissues helps them to expand and grow. The water-based pumps are the best because you can use them in the shower or the bath every morning, but any pump is good when you’ve got a perfect moment to create in the bedroom.

Pumps take about 15 minutes to work and it’s really the only equipment that you need. The tissues of your dick are a bit like a sponge. When you stretch a sponge out and then add water to it, the sponge stays in the stretched out position until you squeeze the water out. The same is true with your dick because the blood flow helps to stretch out those spongey tissues.

Then, when you have an orgasm, your dick begins to come back to it’s normal size.

Now if you don’t have an orgasm, the tissues of your penis will begin to contract once again as well. It’s true that a pump isn’t going to give you an all day length increase, but over time you can train you penis to have permanent elongation if you’re willing to use pumps once of twice per day.

sexual-satisfactionThere’s a Second Step To This Process

Your 15 minutes to success doesn’t just end with the use of a penis pump. Having a bigger dick is a good thing, but your body doesn’t necessarily know what to do with a larger dick at first. Your erections can sometimes feel funny because there just isn’t enough blood filling the chambers of your penis. Instead of having a strong, rock hard erection, you’re left with nothing but a chubby.

Who wants to have sex with a chubby?

That’s why any regular use of a penis pump should be followed up with the use of penis pills that are designed to improve blood flow. With better blood flow, your bigger penis will become a thicker erection that will give you an intense sexual power. You’ll be able to penetrate deeply, slide gently, and have incredible orgasms because of the restrictions that are in place thanks to the expanded tissues.

There are a number of pills that can work well, but you do need to be careful with them. Check for warnings before taking the pills that you prefer to make sure there aren’t any dangerous, unannounced ingredients in them.

By following this plan, you can have a bigger dick in just 15 minutes. When you follow this plan every day, you can end up with a permanently larger penis. How much size you gain depends on your body’s chemistry. What I do know is this – you’ll be a happier man and your partner will be happier thanks to the extra penetration!

ProSolution Plus: Proven Male Enhancement

There are a lot of male enhancement products that use some attractive keywords in their marketing. Many products are “clinically tested” and “doctor approved,” but they end up providing next to nothing in terms of results. How is ProSolution Plus any different? Because it has actually been tested and there are several doctors who are encouraged by this supplement’s results!

prosolution-pillsProSolution Plus was the subject of a study that was recently published in the American Journal of Therapeutics. The study had one goal: to test a natural formula that would help guys be able to last longer, recover faster, and eliminate the shameful mess of a premature ejaculation. The results of the study were absolutely amazing!

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Being able to hold back a load takes more than just confidence. It requires stamina, fortitude, and strength. Why should you have to think about baseball when you’re having great sex? That’s why ProSolution Plus is such a great product to have on hand. The proven results speak for themselves.

  • Nearly 8 out of every 10 guys who take ProSolution Plus say that they’ve seen an improvement in sexual satisfaction.
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This isn’t just some run-of-the-mill research study that was funded and reported in such a way that all of the results would be considered positive. ProSolution Plus was studied in a triple-blind study with 148 men over the course of two months. Guys were between the ages of 21-60, in good sexual health, and had sexual performance issues. Some took ProSolution Plus and others took a placebo – no one knew if they were taking the product or not.

The results were outstanding. For the guys who were taking a placebo, 1 out of 4 of them reported an improvement in their premature ejaculation. For guys who were taking ProSolution Plus, nearly 2 out of every 3 of them reported an improvement.

prosolution-pills-ingredientsWhat Is the Formula?

ProSolution Plus is made from all-natural ingredients that have a low occurrence of side effects. You’ll find that the formula contains items like Tribulus Terrestris, Withania Somnifera, and Asparagus Adscendens so that you’ve got a stable sexual mood, a rock hard erection, and better blood flow throughout your circulatory system for a better sexual performance.

Asphaltum is also included, providing your body with up to 85 different vitamins and minerals that can help to reduce fatigue. Curculigo Orchioides rounds out the formula so you have an enhanced sexual drive.

Are You Ready For the Sex Life You Deserve?


Backed by a company with over a decade of experience in providing natural libido products, ProSolution Plus is spreading around the world quickly because it is helping guys to last longer, have harder erections, and increase the amount of sex that they are able to have. It isn’t a replacement therapy for a doctor-prescribed treatment regimen for sexual dysfunction, but it does have the ability to increase the satisfaction that guys get from sex.

Because two-thirds of guys are able to see results with ProSolution Plus, you’ll also receive a 67 day risk free trial of this amazing supplement. The only thing that is on the line is your time and a small shipping fee. If for any reason you don’t like this supplement, then just return the two empty containers and you’ll get a full refund of the product price.

With phone services available, an easy refund policy, and orders that ship within 48 hours, you’ll see the difference with ProSolution Plus right away. With a real company providing real services with a supplement that has real research behind it, the choice is simple. You can live with premature ejaculation… or you can start to do something about it.

Could a Penis Pump Save Your Sex Life?

It’s been said that 99% of guys want to have a bigger, harder dick and the other 1% of guys are lying. The only problem is that many guys end up giving up on their quest to have a larger dick because they can’t find a reliable product! penis-pump

There are tons of items that are on the market today that make a lot of lofty promises, but there is only one really proven method that can help you get a bigger dick in just minutes every day.

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What Is a Penis Pump and Why Should I Own One?

A penis pump is a lot like a vacuum tube. You place your penis into the cylinder, seal it against the fat pad underneath your abdomen or around your testicles, depending on the pump’s design, and then you remove the air from the cylinder. This action does three unique things to your penis.

  1. It helps to stretch out the chambers of the penis so that they are able to accept more blood.
  2. It stretches out the tissues of the penis so that they can grow larger as the chambers fill up.
  3. It brings more blood toward the head of the penis so that you feel a rush of arousal and this final step creates a larger erection than you’ve ever had before.

penis-pumps-workIt only takes about 5 minutes to complete. You can get pumps that are water-based or air-based and both work well. If you get an air pump, try to get one that has a pressure regulator on it so that you don’t accidentally give yourself a nasty penis hickey that takes a couple weeks to heal. Water pumps are great because you can use them in the shower or the bath too and they provide a more consistent level of pressure.

As for owning a penis pump, there are a number of reasons why this is a great idea. First of all, with continued use, these pumps can set up the conditions for a permanent increase in size. Secondly, they can help with performance issues that you might be having, particularly in the sensitivity area where premature ejaculation can be a problem.

And finally, your dick looks large. It becomes impressive. That’s where anticipation really begins!

How Do You Use a Penis Pump To Get Bigger?

It’s all about the pressure. A penis pump is like traction for your dick. When your back is stretched out, you can actually gain a couple of inches in height because the compression on your spine is relieved. This traction can help to cure back pain and get a spine back into alignment. That’s what happens with your dick as well.

That’s right – your dick can get out of alignment.

Sometimes this happens because of thick tissues that form after an injury. These tissues, called “plaque,” can form on even slight trauma. When they do form, they can cause the penis to curve, bend, or even kink. When enough of this plaque is present, you might be diagnosed with a condition called Peyronie’s Disease. The pump helps to straighten the penis out and if there is painful plaque associated with the condition, it can temporarily relieve the pain.

Sometimes this happens because the chambers of your penis can actually stop accepting blood flow. It could be from circulation issues, high blood pressure, or lack of use. The pump will draw extra blood into the chambers and this allows the tissues to expand like never before!

If you want to have a bigger dick, then you need to own and use a penis pump. There’s no other reliable way to get results in 15 minutes or less on a consistent basis! In return, you may just see more opportunities in the bedroom because the performance enhancements will blow your partner’s mind!

What Are the Best Sex Positions For a Small Penis?

small-penis-sex-ositionsGuys with a small penis have it a bit rough in the bedroom, but not in a good way. For their partners to have the stimulation that is needed to bring about an orgasm, the small penis must penetrate as deeply as possible in order to accomplish this.

In return, this creates the circumstances that all men fear: premature ejaculation. The deep penetration overstimulates the penile tissues and despite the guy’s best intentions, sex is over way too soon.

The best way to overcome this issue is to change the sex positions that are being used. It all begins with the amount of foreplay that you’re willing to put into the process of sex. You can use all of your regular moves, of course, but don’t be afraid to put in something new. Lavish your partner with attention and they’ll be coming with you, whether you’re coming early or not.

You’ve got to stimulate your partner. The key to a successful sexual encounter is the amount of stimulation that you’re able to provide. If you can achieve a climax during foreplay, then you’ll be able to replicate a second climax a lot easier, no matter what the size of your penis might be. There’s a good chance that your partner won’t be concerned about your size at that point anyway, so neither should you.

Doggy-styleDoggie style has got to be done right. Penetration from behind can work some sexual wonders, but it must be performed correctly. Otherwise guys will feel like they are penetrating even deeper than normal and this will make a potentially great experience turn into a potential nightmare!

  • Focus on the angle of entry. Have your partner angled upward toward you so that you can be able to stimulate them with every movement.
  • Lean forward. If you maintain plenty of physical contact, then you’ll be able to maintain a higher level of intimacy and this creates a faster climax for your partner.
  • Go slow. The natural inclination of most guys in this position is to move hard and fast. Try going slowly and gently instead and you might see some amazing results!

Get frisky like the antelope. If you don’t want the traditional doggie style, but still want to feel massive like you do from behind, then the antelope is the perfect position. With both you and your partner kneeling on the floor, you’ll want to lean over a comfortable piece of furniture. You’ll still be able to come through the back door, but your partner’s hands will be free for some added fun too. For guys with a smaller penis, this is one of the most powerful positions that there is.

The-reverseThe reverse missionary will bring your spirituality back. Have your partner face down on the bed. Some support pillows under the hips are a good idea for some added comfort. Then straddle your partner and find a gentle angle where you can simply slide on in.

This position is a bit tricky because you’ve got to keep your weight off of your partner, but it does put you in control and lets you maximize the use of your size. Once you’re there, pull your partner’s thighs together to close the door.

Put the “X” into sex. Sometimes it isn’t feeling bigger that is necessary. Some positions make it difficult for your partner to have a full, deep penetration anyway. That’s why the X position is such a good one for guys with smaller size. Straddle each other on the floor or the bed so that just your legs are touching each other as you’re joined at the hip. Then just let nature work its magic from there!

Get some ears on that rabbit. If your partner is a bit flexible, then get your partner’s knees up by their ears. You’ll be able to get rather good action from this position, but you’ll also need to support your partner because there’s a lot of fatigue that can happen in the legs. As an added bonus, you can use your hands or your partner can self-stimulate for added pleasure.